Me in 2 min

I’m Andrew, a Malaysian Physics undergrad on a dual-degree programme between Columbia in NY and CityU in HK. Currently in my junior (3rd year) in Columbia NY.

I’ve never been the smartest or the most talented in anything. I’m just curious, ask questions and love building. Some say one too many, I hope not?

This is my favourite emoji 🤷‍♂️

Building Mizui.Org, a proprietary trading fund specializing in arbitrage and market making in cryptocurrency.

I did a gap year from 2020 - Sept 2021, while documenting my autodidacy on Youtube and here.

Built DreamSquad.Club to connect people based on their dreams, habits and interests.

Built to democratize gig jobs.

I’ll love to make new friends, please reach out to me for anything! ( If you love coffee and am in Manhattan, contact me for a hangout and coffee is on me.

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