I exist on the shoulders of giants. Shoulders of kind, loving, selfless saints who spent time with me, invested in me, guided me. To you all, I am eternally grateful. Thank you for making a difference in this little boy’s life. Thank you for making this world, a better place to live in.

The list and detail below is by no means complete – not even close. It is my small attempt in acknowledging the great people in my life.

Ms Goh Kai Lian

Thank you for believing in my potential in spite of the nuisance and immature self that I was to you. It has driven me through dark times when I’ve lost all confidence in myself.

Koay Jing Wei

Thank you for loving and sharing your time with me. No one comes close to how instrumental you have been in shaping me.

Sandeep Chulani

Thank you for spending time with me. Challenging and sharpening my thoughts and worldview through suppers and time together. You have been a great confidante and mentor.

Dr. Ivan Borzenets

Thank you for giving me a chance to work and learn from you. For answering my questions intently and for guiding me when I’m unsure of my life’s direction.

Nicholas Yeo Wei Ming

Thank you for giving me your time and being an honest brother at all walks of life and decision making processes. Alas, 知音难寻.